The Sedan Delivery





One of the most unusual Falcon models is the Sedan Delivery. The Sedan Delivery was introduced as a 1961 Falcon model. The Sedan Delivery was also referred to as a “Falcon Panel Truck” when it was first introduced.

The Sedan Delivery was based on the 2-door Falcon Wagon that was introduced in 1960. It shared many structural components used on the wagon. The rear quarter glass on the wagon was replaced with sheet metal for the Delivery. The rear tailgate was the same including the glass. The “speedy bird” exterior trim did not appear on the Sedan Delivery.

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This is the ’63 Sedan Delivery as pictured on the Ford Brochure for 1963.

The interior of the Sedan Delivery is quite plain because this was a “utility” vehicle and it was Ford’s idea that these vehicles would be used by businesses for what their name implies—deliveries. Unlike the wagon, there is no back seat in the Delivery—just a cargo area for hauling and delivering the goods!

There were 1,988 Delivery models produced in 1961. The model designation was 78A. Despite the relatively low production figure in 1961, this was the best sales year for the Sedan Delivery.

Changes that occurred to the 1962 Sedan Delivery models were similar to other Falcons such as a revised grill, fenders, hood, bumpers and trim. The designation for the Sedan Delivery was again 78A for 1962. Fewer models were produced in 1962—a whopping 1,588.

For 1963, the Sedan Delivery was still based on the early 2-door Falcon Wagon. A major change for this year’s model was the mid-year introduction of the V-8 motor. Yep, the Delivery could now be purchased with a 260 V-8 motor just like other Falcon models. The suspension and steering upgrades to accommodate the more powerful motor were the same that other V-8 models received. Again, changes such as a new grill and trim were the same as the other Falcon offerings.

There were two model designations for the Sedan Delivery in 1963 (78 A & 78 B). There were 925 examples of the standard model (78 A) and a paltry sum of 332 Deluxe (78 B) models produced in 1963. The Deluxe models were not necessarily “deluxe” as the name implies as only minor trim upgrades were made to these models.

For 1964, the Sedan Delivery received a major facelift as did all of the other Falcon models. The round style of the 1960-1963 was replaced with a square look that was prevalent on 64-65 Falcon models. The final years of the Sedan Delivery ended as they began—based on the 2-door Falcon wagon. Suspension, motor, steering, grill, trim, and other changes were again the same as other models.

The production numbers were further reduced. Only 678 of the 78 A (Standard) and 113 of the 78 B (Deluxe) models were made in 1964. Again, the Deluxe model was not really what the name implies as only minor trim upgrades were made.

1965 was the final year of the Sedan Delivery run. Only 537 ‘standard’ examples and 112 ‘deluxe’ models were produced. Again, the changes to the motor, trim, and suspension were the same as other Falcon models. Major changes included the introduction of the 289 V-8 motor with alternator (instead of generator) and the C-4 automatic transmission.

About 6,000 Sedan Delivery models were produced during the four-year run of this unique utility vehicle. Many of these vehicles were well-used for what they were intended and subsequently perished. Rust took its toll on many of these venerable vehicles. It’s a rare sight to see one of these vehicles today, and most of them are not being used for their intended utility purposes. They are being lovingly restored and modified to become treasured collectibles.

One can only ponder why Ford would continue to produce a vehicle year after year that had such low production figures. My theory is that the vehicle had a niche market and it was not too difficult to produce the vehicle. (19595 bytes)

This ’62 Sedan Delivery is owned by Alex Gerrits, San Jose, CA.  It IS used for its intended purpose!  (photo by J. Guerini)

In California, many of the Sedan Delivery models were purchased by the Pacific Gas & Electric Company. They were also purchased by service related businesses that used them as work horses. I suspect that many of the vehicles were special orders from the factory. Alex Gerrits (San Jose, CA) owns a ’62 Sedan Delivery that was originally purchased by National Cash Register (NCR). It was specially painted a unique green color by the factory. (31386 bytes)

This ’64 Sedan Delivery is owned by Doug Laurice, Sonoma County…photo by J. Guerini

It did not take a lot of extra work for Ford to produce these unique vehicles because the Sedan Delivery was based on the 2 door Falcon wagon (as was the Ranchero). I’m glad that Ford followed through on the production of the Sedan Delivery. It’s a treasured member of the Falcon family!