Who is coming???


Who is coming to the 2017 FCA Nats!?


Here is a list of Participants as of 5/12/17: 

Aiello, Al and Lois

Alexander, Dave and Sandy

Allen, Greg and Jane

Andersen, David and Suzanne

Averre, Steve and Lynn

Banz, Richard and Jack Lanning

Beason, Chuck and Carolyn

Bernhardt, Larry and Linda

Bloor, John and Melissa

Bly, Owen and Jill Olson

Borgerding, Joseph and Bonnie

Bowes, Rick and Cris and Abigail Carr

Boyer, Jim and Francy Chapman

Brachmann, Monte and Karen

Brown, Ronnie and Janice

Browning, Douglas and Darla Magness

Bulleri, Craig and Sue

Burke, Charlotte and Ron

Carlton, Bruce and Nancy

Chevalier, Ray and Ginny

Chitweed, Eddie and Betsey

Clements, Jim and Pam

Coffelt, Dave and Linda

Cole, Jay and Denny Clark

Continho, James and Irene

Copren, Donna and Phred

Cossins, Bob and Sue

Crawford, Ronnie

Crum, Wesley and Christine

Dapore, Ed and Cindy

Darold, Roy and Maya

Dietzler , Mark

Dinzebach, Mark and Pamela

DiZerega, Jim and Fay

Doemer, Douglas

Dufour, Taj

Ecker, Karl

Ellis, Jack and Colleen

Ewing, Michael and Paula

Fay, Patrick and Sherri

Fischer, Barry and Jackie

Garcia, Ralph and Teresa

Guerini, John

Guthrie, Jim and Jan

Hamilton, Rick

Hammond, Steven and Gatha

Hanna, Henry

Hantschel, Rainer

Harrington, Richard and Linda

Hatcher, Jim and Diane

Hobart, Steven and Jan

Holland, Tim

Hunter, Susan and Gary

Johnson, Ray and Cecilia

Judge, Larry and Neil

Kasamoto, Tracy and Mark Cameron

Kennedy, Keith and Michael

Killion, Mark and Marilyn

Klassen, Tim and Sherry

Knutson, Kent and Kathy

Lebo, Dennis and Linda

Leverance, John and Mary

Leverance, Dan and Jacky

Leverance, Dave and Sarah

Lewis, Scott and Lori Arnent

Lewis, Roy and Emily

Lissandrello, John and Marilou

Lukas, Brian

Mann, Charles

Massingille, James and Pamela

Matthews, Dan

McCray, Mac and Barbara

McIntyre, Joey and Jane

McKay, Cliff

McKay, Mitchell D.

Mello, Melvin and Mirian

Miknaitis, Stanley and Cathy

Miltimore, Jeffery

Mirretti , John

Moran, Juan and Jaime

Morocco, Billy

Mosley, Don and Anell

Noland, Kenneth and Donna

Ottone, Gary and Liz

Peterson, Wally and Judy

Poole, Bill and Karen

Pope, Billy and Tammy

Preston , Steve and Becky

Reed, Paul

Roman, John and Stacy

Saindon , John and Rene

Sanders , William and Stella

Schira, Jeff and Mary

Schulz, Lee and Winnie

Shade, Allen, Sue and Nate

Sickels, Edward

Sigler, Mike and Misty

Sjolund, Wayne and Lelie

Small, Leonard

Snider, Robert

Springer, Steve and Carol

Stansfield, Dennis and Judy

Steck, Jack and Shirley

Stricker, David A and Marie

Stringer , Bonnie and Mary Biehl

Sullivan, Sean and Sophia Kim

Switzer, Steve and Dawn

Taylor, Matthew and Laura

Tollner, Tony and Julie Conrad

Tontz, Stephen and Wendy

Varricchio, Pat and Diane

Von Zelowitz, Jon and Poupee

Wagner , David and Mary

Welty, Russell and Naomi Henderson

Whisenand, Kent and Heidi

Wilkerson, Janet and Bill

Will, Robert

Williams, Gary and Rose Marie Grassi

Witt, Troy and Barb

Wong, Dennis and Jocelyn